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Christine Standen


Kristen Dyson


Sylvia Jeffreys


We are your Masivet® vet advisors and the three of us work across the UK and Ireland to help you with any questions you may have when treating your mast cell tumour cases.

Please contact your Vet Advisor for information on the most recent Masivet® research, up to date treatment protocols and for advice on how and when to use Masivet® for your oncology cases.

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Meet AB Science

AB Science was founded in 2001 by a team of researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to the discovery of key mechanisms in life science. Our goal has been to develop new drugs targeting these mechanisms in order to dramatically change the life of both human and veterinary patients – and focusing on diseases which have the highest level of unmet medical needs, where other treatments are either limited or not available at all.

Our company specialises in targeted therapies through tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the fields of cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases and neurological degenerative disorders. Our development pipeline includes both Human and Veterinary medicine:

  • Since 2008 in Europe (and since 2010 in the USA) masitinib has been approved and registered for the treatment of a canine cancer called a mast cell tumour, the most common cutaneous cancer in dogs. The drug is marketed by AB Science under the brand Masivet® across Europe.
  • Masitinib is also very well advanced in Human Medicine with several on-going Phase 2 and Phase 3 studies in both oncology and non-oncology diseases.

In parallel, AB Science has a robust drug discovery platform which has generated new compounds going forwards into preclinical development.

We remain fully committed in meeting our objectives and to develop leading treatments that will dramatically change the lives of the patients.

We are innovators and scientific entrepreneurs in the field of life science with an outstanding academic Scientific Committee

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