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Masitinib: One Medicine. One Health.

Masitinib has proven how interdisciplinary collaboration between veterinary medicine and human medicine can expand scientific knowledge and accelerate human biomedical research as a result of synergistic evidence and new discovery.

Masitinib in Veterinary Medicine

Licensed for use in veterinary oncology as Masivet, masitinib is a highly effective and well tolerated, proven treatment for non-resectable and metastatic high grade mast cell tumours.

Veterinary studies in many other indications (including T-cell lymphoma, melanoma, osteosarcoma, feline asthma and canine atopic dermatitis) have provided invaluable insights and evidence for translation to human medical research

Masitinib in Human Medicine

AB Science specialises in research & development of protein kinase inhibitors and specifically conduct research into diseases with high unmet medical need - including rare diseases, refractory progressive cancers and severe inflammatory and central nervous system diseases.

Large, randomised, controlled (Phase 3) human trials are ongoing to investigate Masitinib in the treatment of:

  • Metastatic prostate cancer
  • Metastatic pancreatic cancer
  • Relapsing metastatic colorectal cancer
  • Relapsing metastatic ovarian cancer
  • First-line and second-line treatment of GI Stromal Tumours (GIST)
  • Relapsing multiple myeloma
  • Metastatic melanoma expressing JM mutation of c-Kit
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    (ALS) motor neurone disease
  • Relapsing T-cell lymphoma
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Progressive forms of multiple sclerosis
  • Severe asthma

Recent Results in Human Patients

Motor Neurone Disease (ALS), GI Stromal Tumours and
Systemic Masotcytosis


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human research projects please contact AB Science